HIV in China: Lessons and Challenges

Health and health care are at a critical crossroads in China. In an effort to improve public health and broaden access to effective medical care, the Chinese government has implemented pilot programs in national health insurance, mandated sweeping reforms in medical education, and recently initiated a public campaign against drug company kick-backs to physicians.  Though incomplete and unsuccessful to date, these changes signal a growing recognition of the interrelatedness of health and human rights among Chinese health and governmental policy makers.  

In this three year sequence of annual symposia, we propose to examine case studies related to health and human rights in modern China. The first symposium will primarily focus on the complex issues of the current state of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in China, discussing progress and challenges in the battle against disease and actions taken to improve humanitarian conditions among the vulnerable populations in China, including men who have sex with men, injection drug users, commercial sex workers, and plasma donors. A diverse group of experts from public health, medicine, social science, and civil society will come together to discuss these topics from unique perspectives.  

This symposium is part of the Health and Human Rights initiative supported by the Richard and Ann Pozen Fund at the University of Chicago Human Rights Program.

HIV in China: Lessons and Challenges Symposium

Thursday, February 27; 8:30am – 12:30pm

Classics Building, Room 110 (1010 E. 59th Street)

Breakfast will be served starting at 8:15am

Registration is now closed. Seating is limited, but walk-ins are welcome.


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8:30am  Welcome Renslow Sherer, MD, Section of Infectious Diseases and Global Health, Human Rights Program

“HIV in China: An Overview of Current Epidemiology and the National Response”

Han-Zhu Qian, MD, MPH, Global Health Program, Vanderbilt University
9:25am "Vulnerable Populations: HIVs in IDUs in China" Zhijun Li, MD, MSc, Chief Medical Officer, CDC-GAP, China Office
10:05am BREAK  
10:15am “Health governance and HIV epidemic in China” Yanzhong Huang, PhD, US Council on Foreign Relations, and Assoc. Professor of Political Science, Seton Hall University


"HIV and human rights of vulnerable groups in China" Linda Arnade, MPH, Yale University School of Public Health



"Health and Rights in the Future of HIV in China: Progress and Perils" Renslow Sherer, MD, Section of Infectious Diseases and Global Health, Human Rights Program


Panel Discussion: “Lessons for Rights, Duties, and the Role of Government”



Meeting Adjourns  

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