2014 Human Rights Interns Awarded Truman Scholarships

The Human Rights Program is pleased to announce that Ava Benezra and Andrea Haider have been awarded Truman Scholarships. Both Ava and Andrea were selected in December 2013 for Human Rights internships for Summer 2014.

The Truman Scholarships, created by Congress as a memorial for President Truman, give students $30,000 for graduate study and are awarded to college juniors who show outstanding academic achievement and civic engagement. Students are nominated by their college and compete in the state of their residence; around 60 are selected each year.

Not only did 2 of the U of C's 4 Truman Scholars for 2014 come from the Human Rights internship cohort, but last year's UC winner Gabrielle Newell did as well. Gabrielle is working with the Human Rights Program this year as a peer leader helping the 2014 interns get ready for their summer work.

Of the 15 University of Chicago students awarded Truman Scholarships since 2004, seven of them have been Human Rights Program interns. They were: Stephanie Bell (2007), Indivar Dutta-Gupta (2004), Andrew Hammond (2006), and Kristin Greer Love (2005).

This compares favorably with the Human Rights Program’s record number of Rhodes Scholars – of the 13 University of Chicago students to win Rhodes Scholarships in the past decade, four of them were Human Rights interns: Nick Juravich (2006), Andrew Hammond (2008), Stephanie Bell (2010), and Anna Alekseyeva (2011). Another two Rhodes scholars, while not interns, worked closely with Human Rights faculty – Ian Desai (2005) and Andrew Kim (2005). 

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