About HRP

How are human rights secured and protected? At the University of Chicago, research and teaching in human rights integrate exploration of the core questions of human dignity with critical examination of the institutions designed to promote and protect human rights in the contemporary world. The University of Chicago Human Rights Program is an initiative unique among its peers for the interdisciplinary focus our faculty and students bring to bear on these essential matters.

The Human Rights Program continues the Chicago tradition of rigorous academic preparation, integrated with practical experience. Human rights education prepares students as global citizens, not merely as biologists, business people, or English teachers.

The Human Rights Curriculum includes a core sequence, undergraduate minor, and electives with distinct disciplinary, thematic, and/or regional perspectives.

The Internship Program provides summer fellowships to students for hands-on experience at host organizations in the U.S. and around the world. 

Additionally, the Human Rights Program supports graduate students with research grants and teaching opportunities designed to promote the integration of human rights perspectives and topics into their scholarship and teaching. Students and faculty receive support for key, ongoing human rights initiatives which explore solutions to “real world” human rights problems.

Through events such as conferences, workshops, lectures, and film series, the Human Rights Program brings the world to the campus, incorporating the broader community into its educational mission.