Chicago Police Board


In their Memorandum In Opposition filed on January 22, 1992 before the Chicago Police Board, specially appointed City of Chicago lawyers, on behalf of Chicago Police Superintendent Leroy Martin and the City of Chicago, judicially admitted that:

“Melvin Jones will testify that on February 5, 1982, just nine days prior to Andrew Wilson’s arrest, he was taken to an Area II interrogation room where he was handcuffed and questioned by Area II detectives concerning his knowledge and participation in a murder. When he failed to give information implicating himself in the murder, respondent Burge entered the room and told Jones that he was going to talk. Burge then asked Jones if he had ever heard of him, and when Jones replied that he had not, Burge told him that before he left the station Jones would “wish he had never set eyes on him.

Burge left the interrogation room but returned after Jones persisted in his refusal to talk to the interrogating detectives. Burge had Jones cuffed to a second ring and then produced and plugged into the wall socket a wooden box measuring approximately 10’’ x 6” x 6”, with tweezers and a long nail type device. He again asked Jones if he was going to talk. When Jones again refused, Burge pulled down Jones’ pants and shorts and, using the electrical device, shocked Jones three times, on the foot, thigh, and penis. While he was shocking Jones, Burge demanded that Jones talk. He told Jones that he had also shocked “Satan” (Anthony Holmes) and “Cochise,” forcing them to crawl all over the floor. He also told Jones that nobody would believe his word against a lieutenant’s. Burge asked another Area II detective present in the room if he had seen anything, and the detective looked at the ceiling and said no. Burge also tied a sock in Jones’ mouth. Burge was interrupted in his interrogation of Jones, apparently by the news that a policeman had been shot and killed on a bus in his area.

Later, Burge also struck Jones with a stapler. When Jones continued to deny knowing anything about the murder, Burge again entered the interrogation room. He pointed a gun at Jones’ head, cocked it and told Jones he was going to ‘blow his black head off.’”