List of Victims

The following chart documents the 101 known and documented torture victims of Burge and his detectives from 1972- 1991. It was compiled in March of 2005 by the People’s Law Office. Since this time, more than 30 other victims have come forward with their stories.

* Took Fifth Amendment when asked about this torture.
** Torture and abuse occurred during interrogation.
*** All cases from 8/5/72 through 11/6/87 are Area 2 cases.

Date Victim(s) Torture Methods Officers Documentation


Rodney Mastin

Lindsey Smith

Clarence Hill

vicious beatings, beating with ashtray, kicked in groin**

Burge,* Listkowski, Houtsma (Area 2)***

7/24/04 Sworn Statement of Rodney Mastin


Unknown victim

screaming, pants down, hiding implements, handcuffed to hot radiator**

Burge* and two unidentified dets.

10/4/04 Sworn statement of Detective Bill Parker


Anthony Holmes

repeatedly bagged, beaten, electric shocked with black box, called “nigger”**

Burge,* Pienta* Yucaitis, Wagner* Hoke* Listkowski Gaffney

4/19/04 Court Reported statement of Anthony Holmes; Judicial Admissions by City in Memo filed 1/22/92


Lawrence Poree

shown black shock box, “this is what we got for niggers like you”**

Burge,* Hoke,* Wagner* Corless

4/19/04 Court reported statement of Lawrence Poree


Lawrence Poree

electric shock to testicles, armpits, arm, beaten**

Burge,* Hoke*

4/19/04 Statement of Lawrence Poree


Howard Collins

beaten, Russian Roulette, noose around neck **

Burge,* Hoke*

4/89 Attorney Interview


Virgil Robinson

beaten with flashlight and police helmet, gun in mouth at railroad tracks**

Dignan,* McGuire* Yucaitis

Testimony in People v. Robinson


Lawrence Poree,

Leroy Sanford

electricshocked, beaten, hit with gun**


Burge* Wagner* Corless Basile* Gallagher

3/10/80 Testimony in People v. Sanford; 4/19/04 Poree Statement


James Lewis

Edward James

kidnapped from Memphis,

beaten, threatened with horror chamber and Fred Hampton Black Panther murder, ear cupped,  “nuts” threatened, called “nigger”**

Burge* Wagner* Corless, Basile* Gallagher

3/10/80 Testimony, People v. James and Lewis; 4/19/04 Court Reported statement of Edward James


George Powell

repeatedly electric-shocked on chest, groin, bagged, beaten**

Burge* Corless Basile* Hoke*

6/14/04 Court Reported Statement of George Powell;   1/22/92 Judicial    Admissions by City


Ollie Hammonds

repeatedly beaten, threatened with electric shock on penis, held incommunicado without food or bathroom for several days**

Burge* Basile*

8/25/04 Court Reported Statement of Ollie Hammonds


Tony Thompson

beaten with gun and fists until face totally swollen, 8-10 stitches, repeatedly electric shocked with dark box referred to as “nigger box” on genitals and chest, repeated racial epithets, Hampton murder referenced



Unidentified dectective

3/5/05 Sworn Statement Court Reported Statement of Tony Thompson; 5/22/81 Testimony in People v. Porch, Thompson, and Golden


Willie Porch

beaten, threatened with a gun (Russian Roulette), pistol whipped, hung by handcuffs, threatened with Fred Hampton murderer, stepped on groin**



5/22/81 Testimony in People v. Porch, Thompson, 6/27/89 Testimony in Wilson v. City of Chicago


Raymond Golden

threatened with gun (Russian roulette); smashed in the head with shotgun butt**



5/22/81 Testimony in People v. Porch, Thompson, and Golden; 6/27/89 Testimony in Wilson v. Chicago


Timothy Thompson

threatened to look  like “Tony Puff face”, beaten**



5/22/81 Testimony in People v. Porch et. al


Michael Coleman


Derrick King

beaten to the body, kicked in groin, stitches pulled out with tweezers**

beaten with a baseball bat to the body and with a phonebook**

Burge* Pienta* Dwyer* Basile* Corless

11/20/80 Testimony in People v. Coleman and King


William Bracey

beaten, stomped on hand-cuffs, kicked on groin**



Post trial filings, People v. Bracey


Sylvester Green

bagged, beaten to body and head, repeatedly threatened and called “nigger,” threatened his “balls”**

Burge* Grunhard McCabe McNally*

3/4/83 Testimony in People v. Green


Melvin Jones

electric shocked on penis, thigh, foot, threatened to blow “black brains out” with  gun to head, beaten**

Burge* Flood* McGuire* McWeeny*

8/5/82 Testimony in People v. Jones and 2/92

at Police Board; 1/22/92 & 7/95 City judicial  admissions


Larry Milan

Paul Mike

Walter Johnson

Roy Brown

Alphonso Pinex

bagged and beaten**

beaten on bottoms of feet and testicles**

bagged, beaten**   

bagged, beaten**

beaten, threatened**

Unidentified officers under Burge’s direct command during manhunt for Andrew Wilson

1989 Testimony of Julia Davis, Mike, Johnson. Brown and Pinexes  in Wilson v. Chicago


Donald White


Dwight Anthony

beaten to the body and head while bagged, threatened with a gun**


Burge* Yucaitis O’Hara  Hill* McKenna*

7/14/89 White Deposition in

Wilson v. Chicago


Donnell Traylor

bagged, threats, beaten**


1989 Attorney Interview


Andrew Wilson

bagged, threatened with a gun, beaten to body and head, electric shock to ears, genitals, burned on radiator, racial epithets**

Burge* Yucaitis Pienta* McKenna* Hill*


Testimony of Andrew Wilson: People. v. Wilson, 11/12/82, 1989 Wilson I and II trials, and 2/92 Police Board; 2/11/93 Police Board Findings.


Jackie Wilson

threatened with electric shock and a gun**

O’Hara McKenna*

11/8/82 Testimony of Jackie Wilson, People  v. Wilson


Doris Miller

Held incommunicado for 20 hours, threatened, verbally abused, over heard screaming and torture of Andrew Wilson, forced to urinate in ashtray**

Burge* and company

11/12/82 Testimony of D. Miller in People v. Wilson ; deposition in Wilson v. Chicago.


Michael Johnson

beaten, electric shocked, threatened with a gun, called lawyer “nigger bitch” **


6/9/82 OPS Statement, 7/6/82 FBI Statement, 6/14/89 Deposition in Wilson v. Chicago


Lee Holmes

bagged, beaten to the body, beaten with a flashlight and rubber hose on penis**

Byrne* Dignan* Dioguardi*

6/24/93 Holmes OPS Statement


Stanley Wrice

beaten to body, repeatedly hit with flashlight and black jack including on groin**

Byrne* Dignan* Dioguardi*

1983 Testimony in People v. Wrice, Benson; 9/23/83 Wrice OPS Statement


Rodney Benson

beaten with piece of rubber with tape on both ends and with flashlight on groin, back, knee, chest and stomach, threatened with hanging, like they had other “niggers”**

Byrne* Dignan* Dioguardi*

12/23/82 Benson verified motion to suppress in People v. Benson, Wrice


Bobby Williams

beaten on thighs and groin with long black flex object with ball on end**

Byrne* Dignan* Dioguardi*

1983 Williams Testimony in People v. Wrice, Benson et. al.; 1/29/94 Williams OPS Statement


Eric Smith

repeatedly beaten on side, back and groin with lead pipe encased in rubber hose, repeatedly  electric shocked on side and groin, while naked and handcuffed, gave false confession*

Dignan* Kushner


8/87 Testimony and Exhibits in People v. Smith; 1/2/84 OPS statement;

3/21/05 sworn court reported statement


Alonzo Smith

beaten to the body with stick, blackjack, kicked in groin, while bagged**



8/3/83 testimony in People v. Smith;

4/00 testimony in People v. Cannon


James Andrews

David Faultneroy

beaten with fists and flashlight**

beaten on head, back, ribs**

McWeeny* Madigan*

10/1/84 testimony in People v. Anderson


Jerry Mahaffey

beaten to the body while bagged, threatened with a gun, kicked in the groin**

Byrne* James Lotito* Grunhard  Boffo Leracz*

2/9/84, 2/16/84 Testimony in People v. Mahaffey


Reginald Mahaffey

Kicked in head, ribs, hit with flashlight, kicked in groin, beaten, bagged**

Byrne* James Lotito* Grunhard  Boffo

2/10/,84, 2/13/84 Testimony in People v. Mahaffey


Gregory Banks

beaten to the body while bagged, threatened with a gun in mouth, beaten with a flashlight, said “we have something for niggers” while bagging him*

Byrne* Dignan* Grunhard Dwyer*

5/17/85 testimony in People v. Banks; 1993 OPS sustained findings; 4/00  testimony in People v. Cannon


David Bates

beaten to the body while bagged, kicked in the groin, threatened**

Byrne* Grunhard Dwyer*

5/17/85 testimony in People v. Banks; 4/00  testimony in People v. Cannon


Darrell Cannon

threatened with a gun, Russian roulette, mock execution, repeatedly electric shocked on testicles and penis, hung by his cuffs, repeatedly called “nigger”**


Dignan* McWeeny* Grunhard

3/27/84 Testimony in People v. Cannon; 1993 OPS Sustained findings; 8/27/04 Parole Board testimony


James Cody

beaten to the body with a flashlight, electric shocked on buttocks and testicles, threatened with castration, beating**

Paladino* Basile* McNally*

4/23/84 Testimony in People v. Cody


Leonard Hinton

beaten to the body while bagged, hit with gun, repeatedly beaten, kicked in groin, repeatedly electric shocked on genitals and in rectum**

Burge*  Krippel Bajenski*  Mokry

7/1/85 testimony in People v. Hinton.

1/12- 13/84

Leroy Orange

beaten to the body while bagged, electric shocked on arm and buttocks and in rectum, testicles squeezed**

Burge* Flood* Bajenski* McGuire*  McWeeny*

5/22/81 Testimony, People v. Orange; Orange Affidavit; 1/84 Sun Times Article; City Judicial Admissions of ½2/92; 1/03 innocence pardon


Leonard Kidd

bagged, beaten on head with phone book and stick, electric shocked on buttocks and genitals, and in rectum**

Madigan* McCabe McNally*

2/14/00 Kidd Affidavit; 1/84 Sun Times Article.


Lavert Jones

repeatedly beaten to  body and head; beaten with a telephone book, club; kicked in genitals, called “nigger”**

Byrne* Dignan* Yucaitis

3/5/87 Testimony, People v. Jones


Thomas Craft

beaten with a flashlight, choked, foot crushed, threatened with weapon to face and nose, strapped naked to cell bunk**

Dignan* Yucaitis


8/20/ and 9/23/93 OPS statements; OPS sustained findings


Stephen Cavanero

phone book placed on head, hit on phone book with mag flashlight**

Burge* Dwyer*


Phone Interview


Franklin Burchette

threatened with electric shock on testicles, sleep deprivation**

Burge* McDermott*

DiGiacomo* Solecki

10/21/85 Affidavit and Testimony in People v. Burchette.


Phillip Adkins

beaten to the body, beaten with a flashlight on body and groin, repeatedly called “nigger”**

Byrne* Yucaitis Boffo Dignan* James Lotito*

Testimony in People v. Cannon; 1993 OPS sustained findings


Robert Billingsley

repeatedly beaten, kicked, gagged with paper in throat, whipped with phone books, bribed to drop OPS complaint**

Dwyer* Dignan* James Lotito* Yucaitis

 4/2/04 Affidavit;

3/28/05 Court Reported Statement; OPS complaint


Terry Harris

choked, arm twisted, held in underwear overnight, repeatedly threatened, sexually derogatory comments**


Sgt. Wilson Marley* Maslanka* McGuire* Mokry

5/29/86 OPS Statement


Stanley Howard

beaten to the body while bagged, slapped and kicked until unconscious **

Byrne* McWeeny* Boffo Lotito* Paladino* Glynn

1/28/87 Testimony, People v. Howard; 1993 OPS sustained findings; 3/30/93 Affidavit; 1/03 innocence pardon


Jesse Winston

hanging after interrogation

Byrne* Dwyer* Yucaitis Grunhard

1986, 1990 Winston OPS files


Lonza Holmes

beaten and kicked to the body, repeatedly hit on the head with a phone book, judo chops under neck**

Burge* Madigan* Dignan*

12/12/86 Testimony, People v. Holmes


LC Riley

repeatedly punched, slapped, kicked in ribs, stomach, face, hit in the groin with a rolled up newspaper**



3/13/87 Testimony, People v. Riley


Mearon Diggins

repeatedly beaten on back and legs with flashlight during 2 ½ days of questioning, no food, water, or bathroom**


Pienta* Burge*

OPS statement and pictures (destroyed); 7/5/04 Diggins Court Reported Statement


Terry Williams

beaten, screaming**


 Area 2 detectives.

7/5/04 Diggins Court Reported Statement


Shaded Mumin

pushed into wall, threatened with .44 magnum silver revolver to head, Russian Roulette, suffocated with typewriter cover until unconscious, threatened with worse treatment, repeatedly called “nigger” **

Burge* Paladino* McDermott

5/13/87 Testimony, People v. Mumin;

2/92 Police Board Testimony on behalf of City; 1993 OPS file


Michael Arbuckle

threatened with electrocution, death, assaulted, threatened with beating, framing, told they wanted to get Aaron Patterson **



6/4/86 Motion to Suppress in People v. Arbuckle, Arbuckle 2/8/95 Affidavit and  11/19/04 Deposition


Aaron Patterson

beaten to the chest and upper body while repeatedly bagged with typewriter cover nose held while bagged, threatened with a gun and with worse treatment, kicked, choked**

Burge* Byrne* Pienta* McWeeny*

Marley* Madigan* Pederson*

ASA Troy

other unidentified Area 2 Detectives.

3/30/88 Testimony in People v. Patterson; Patterson Affidavit; etchings in bench; 8/11/00 decision in People v. Patterson; 1994 Affidavit of Dr. Martinez; 1/03 innocence pardon


Eric Caine

ear cupping, beating in chest, threats, sleep deprivation**


Marley* Madigan* Brownfield*

8/88 Motion to Suppress and 9/25/89 trial testimony, People v. Caine


Stephen Bell

repeatedly beaten to the head and body, head smashed into wall, kicked in groin, head and ribs, beaten with a phone book**


Dignan* Boffo  Yucaitis

11/20/86 Testimony in People v. Tillman and Bell


Michael Tillman

repeatedly bagged, beaten to body and head, threatened with a gun to head, thumb pressure to ears, beaten with  flashlight and phone book**


Dignan* Boffo  Yucaitis


11/21/86 Testimony in People v. Tillman and Bell


Clarence Trotter

slammed against the wall, physical and mental brutality and held incommunicado for 36 hours

Madigan* Brownfield* Nitsche

 post conviction Petition and testimony in People v. Trotter


Terrence Houston

Darrell Cleveland

beaten to the body,** electric shock, beaten with a flashlight

head slammed on table**

Pienta, Marblocki, Hayes, John Lotito

10/4/88 Terrence Houston Deposition in Houston v. Marblocki; Houston and Cleveland 1986 OPS Statements


Andrew Maxwell

Jerry Thompson


Jeffrey Howard

beaten to the body and face, kicked during interrogation

kicked, beaten with flashlight to body, slapped in face during interrogation

kicked, slapped during interrogation

Paladino* Glynn, Basile* McDermott*

7/23/87 Testimony in People v. Maxwell, Thompson, and Howard


Madison Hobley

hit in chest, thumbs to neck, racial epithets, including “nigger,” kicked in groin, beaten to the body while bagged, held nose while bagged, passed out, threatened to kill him during interrogation

James Lotito* Dwyer* Burge* McWeeny* Paladino*



8/87 Hobley OPS Statement; 9/29/87 Testimony in People v. Hobley;   Hobley Deposition; 1/03 innocence pardon


Robert Smith

beaten during questioning


People v. Smith decision


Philip Walker


Johnny Walker

Andre Wilk

kicked, beaten, cuffed to steaming radiator, called “nigger;” **

beaten, kicked in groin, screaming;**

13 year old, beaten with flashlight, slapped into falsely naming Walker. **

Kill (Area 3) 

Garrity* (Polygraph)

Kill (Area 3)


(Area 3)

10/5/04 Sworn Philip Walker Statement

Philip Walker statement

4/3/89 Testimony in People v. Walker


Grayland Johnson

beaten with flashlight, phone book, hung out window, head pushed into toilet, bagged **



(Area 3)

Testimony in People v Johnson, OPS file, civil complaint in Johnson


Donald Torrence


Paladino* Maslanka*

(Area 3)

Torrence Civil complaint


Ronald Kitchen

beaten to the groin and body, beaten with a phonebook, with a black jack to groin, and with phone receiver during interrogation




Byron (Area 3)

2/2/90, 9/17/90 Testimony, People v. Kitchen; 12/12/96 Kitchen Affidavit; 12/18/96 Journey Affidavit


Tony Anderson

beaten on ribs, thighs with nightstick, gun to head, threatened to “blow brains out,” no food, water, or washroom during 2 day interrogation

at Area 2 by Paladino* Maslanka* (from Area 3), and McDermott* Gallagher (from Area 2)

5/1/91 Testimony in People v. Anderson


Cortez Brown

beaten on chest and arms, and beaten on hands and legs with steel flashlight**



(Area 3)

11/8/91 Testimony in People v. Brown


Unknown 14 year old

electric shocked

unknown Area 3 detectives

Chicago Sun Times article by Deborah Nelson


TyShaun Ross

beaten with nightstick on side, kicked on foot, pulled down pants, repeatedly electric shocked on groin and upper thighs, repeatedly called “nigger” during interrogation

McCann, Caesar McWeeny* (Area 3)

Ross OPS Statement of 7/16/91; 8/5/91 OPS Interview with Ross’ Grandmother; Dr. Raba Letter


Jevon Delony


Maurice Delony

repeatedly punched in chest, slapped in face, back of head, threatened during interrogation

Punched to the floor

Area 3 Detectives

Testimony in People v. Brooks and Delony, Jevon Delony Affidavit of 10/2/97


Marcus Wiggins

13 year old, hit on head with flashlight; repeatedly hit in chest; electric shocked on hands with box like device, screamed, passed out **

Paladino* Maslanka,* Kill O’Brien


(Area 3)

6/4/96 Wiggins Deposition; OPS file; Testimony of Myron James in People v. Clemon; Dr. Martinez report


Jesse Clemon

Imari Clemon

Damoni Clemon         
Clinton Welton

Diyez Owen

beaten on hand, face, and stomach**       

16 year old, beaten **

electric shocked **

16 year old, beaten with flashlight and fists **

16 year old, beaten to chest and stomach **

Paladino* Maslanka,* Kill O’Brien


(Area 3)

Testimony of Myron James, Damoni Clemon, Clinton Welton, and Dyez Owen  in People v. Clemon; decisions in People v. Clemons, 259 Ill App. 3d 5 (1994)


Michael Peterson

Travis Richardson

choked, beaten, kicked, attempted burning with cigarette **

head slammed on table**


Maslanka* O’Brien

(Area 3)

8/11/04  Richardson Affidavit; OPS Statements


Ivan Smith

slapped in face, back of head, punched in chest, thrown to floor, open phone book placed on chest, repeatedly hit with stick on phone book, taking away breath at Tennessee jail**



(Area 3)

4/15/94 Testimony in People v. Brooks