Office of Professional Standards

In 1989, four years after dismissing Andrew Wilson’s compliant that he had been tortured, OPS responded to pressure from Citizen’s Alert and other community organizations to re-open the investigation. In 1990, investigators Goldston and Sanders documented over 50 victims of electroshock and other forms of torture at Area 2, and found all of Andrew Wilson’s complaints to be sustained. In 1991, OPS recommended that Burge, Yucaitis, and O’Hara be fired, and they were suspended without pay until the Police Board Hearings began in 1992. Three days before the hearings, Judge Shader, in another civil rights case, ordered that OPS make the Goldston report public. As a result of the Police Board Hearings, Burge was fired in 1993. However, because he was never criminally convicted, he continues to receive a pension from the Chicago Police Department. Yucaitis was suspended for 15 months without pay, and O’Hara was reinstated with no penalty.