TA and Co-Teaching Opportunities

Teaching assistantships are available in the program’s core sequence, as well as other regular courses.

Advanced graduate students and faculty can co-teach in the program’s core sequence or collaborate on the development of a new human rights course.  Co-teaching offers advanced graduate students the opportunity to refine and deepen their pedagogic skills as they begin to enter the job market. Graduate students who co-teach are considered one of the instructors of record and receive a stipend of $5,000. 

Graduate students and faculty interested in co-teaching should consult with the Pozen Center’s Faculty Director, Mark Bradley.

2015-2016 Teaching Assistantships

We are still looking for a one additional TA for Autumn Quarter. This list will be updated regularly with new opportunities throughout the year.

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AUTUMN 2015 (see all course descriptions here)
Applications Due: September 14, 2015. This is a re-listing of an earlier posting.

Human Rights III: Contemporary Issues in Human Rights
Susan Gzesh, Senior Lecturer in the College; Executive Director, Pozen Center
Mon/Wed: 3:00–4:20pm

*Course Description: This course uses an interdisciplinary approach to analyze the application of international human rights to domestic and international issues. We present several specific case studies as a means to explore the interrelationship of human rights instruments and agencies, principles such as universalism v. cultural relativism, and the role of NGOs, film and other media in advocacy efforts. Topics will include the prohibition on torture at home and abroad (American exceptionalism and US human rights-based social movements), women’s rights as human rights ( including cultural relativism vs. universalism issues), and another topic to be determined. Students will have a mid-term paper prospectus (ungraded, but reviewed closely with their TA) which will lead to their final paper on a human rights topic of their choosing.

*The course uses an inter-disciplinary, diverse team of 3 TAs whose primary responsibilities are: attend Monday lecture and weekly TA meetings, lead a Wednesday discussion group, assist students in framing a research topic, and grade papers. A background in international human rights is not required, but a general interest in political activism and social movements is desirable.