Graduate Student Network

The Graduate Student Network brings together graduate students and faculty for interdisciplinary exchanges of ideas on the theory and practice of human rights. Our major aim is to connect and support graduate students in their research, teaching, and writing about human rights.

Network events and opportunities include presentations by graduate students, faculty, and external visitors, reading groups, and thematic graduate student conferences on such topics as Empire and Human Rights.  

Graduate Network Resources

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The Network previously met as a workshop and will continue to foster the exchange of ideas focusing on graduate students' working papers. View a list of past workshops.

Pozen Human Rights Doctoral Fellows

The Pozen Human Rights Doctoral Fellows program offers a year-long writing and professionalization experience for a small cohort of University of Chicago doctoral students whose research focuses on human rights. Fellows meet every other week over lunch throughout the academic year with members of the Pozen Center faculty to discuss work in progress. The Pozen Center provides up to $1,000 in financial reimbursement for costs associated with presenting a paper developed through the program at a national conference.

Applications for the 2020-2021 cohort will be available in May 2020. Learn more.

Pozen Center Funding for Graduate Research & Teaching

The Pozen Center sponsors annual awards for graduate students.

Research Grants for PhD Students: grants of up to $5,000 to support both pre-dissertation and dissertation research projects, awarded to PhD students in the Humanities and Social Sciences. 

Graduate Lectureships: three lectureships awarded to advanced doctoral students to teach one undergraduate course of their own design. 

Pozen Dissertation Completion Fellowship: one year-long fellowship awarded to a doctoral student in the Humanities or Social Sciences whose work makes an important contribution to human rights scholarship. 

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Graduate Student Directory


Alejandra Azuero-Quijano
2017 Pozen Research Grant

Molly Cunningham
2017 Pozen Research Grant

Jenna Henderson
2017 Pozen Research Grant

Steven Schwartz
2017 Pozen Research Grant

Comparative Human Development

Zoe Berman 
2017 Pozen Research Grant

Gabriel Velez
2017 Graduate Lectureship in Human Rights


Chiara Fratto
2017 Pozen Research Grant


Roy Kimmey 
2017 Pozen Research Grant

Savitri Sedlacek

Erika Tschinkel
2017 Pozen Dissertation Completion Fellow


Mili Leitner
2017 Pozen Research Grant


Nethanel Lipshitz
2017 Graduate Lectureship in Human Rights

Warren Wilson
Studies contemporary and historical accounts that posit autonomy as the ultimate grounds and justification for human rights, exploring the limits of such autonomy-based approaches and developing an alternative theory.

Political Science

Genevieve Bates
2017 Pozen Research Grant

Yuna Blajer de la Garza
2017 Graduate Lectureship in Human Rights

Emma Mackinnon 
2017 Ignacio Martín Baró Human Rights Essay Prize Winner


Caterina Fugazzola 
2017 Pozen Research Grant

Mishal Khan 
2017 Pozen Research Grant

Alicia Riley
2017 Graduate Lectureship in Human Rights

Are you a UChicago graduate student doing work related to human rights who would like to be listed in our directory? Let us know.

For UChicago faculty members working in human rights, see our faculty directories.