Internship Year-at-a-Glance

The year-long Human Rights Internship Program helps students search and prepare for a full-time summer internship, then integrate that experience into the rest of their academic coursework.

Autumn Quarter

Applications for the next internship cohort open in October and are due in November. The application process is highly competitive; we receive about four applications for each available slot. About half of the applicants are invited to an interview, held just before Thanksgiving, with members of the Selection Committee. Applicants receive a decision in mid-December, after Autumn Quarter has ended.

Winter Break and Winter Quarter

The newly-selected interns begin developing a list of potential host organizations over winter break. Interns are assigned to a student Peer Leader from the previous year’s cohort, who will advise them during the search process. Our annual Internship Symposium provides a great opportunity for the previous year’s cohort to share their experiences with the new interns and the campus community.

Throughout Winter Quarter, new interns brainstorm ideas, contact organizations, and follow up on leads. They file weekly reports about their searches, participate in mandatory group trainings, and take Human Rights classes. Some students choose to intern with organizations that have hosted students in the past, while others seek out new placements. By the end of Winter Quarter, students have a confirmed placement or have developed several strong leads.

Spring Quarter

Students develop a Work Plan in collaboration with their supervisor at the host organization, identifying projects that fulfill both the student’s and organzation’s goals. Upon completion of the Work Plan, each intern is issued a check for $5,000 to cover summer expenses. Interns also finalize travel and housing plans, take human rights courses, and participate in required training sessions.


Students embark on their full-time internships lasting 10 to 12 weeks! Throughout the summer, interns keep in touch with us and submit three check-in reports to their peers and the Pozen Center staff. As the new academic year begins, interns arrive back on campus. Each student writes a report about their experiences and prepares for a presentation at the Internship Symposium.