2009-2010 Events

Autumn 2009:

  • September 30 - "Impunity in Colombia: One Woman's Story"
    Yessika Hoyos Morales (co-sponsor: U.S. Labor Education in the Americas Project). View poster

  • October 21 - "Plan Mexico, the Drug War and Human Rights in Mexico"
    Laura Carlsen and General José Francisco Gallardo (co-sponsors: Center for Latin American Studies and Katz Center for Mexican Studies). View poster

  • November 10 - "Voices for Justice: Human Rights Advocacy in Ethiopia"
    Daniel Bekele and Leslie Lefkow (co-sponsors: Office of Multicultural Student Affairs and Human Rights Watch). View poster

Winter 2010:

  • January 6 - February 3 - "Reason and Passion: The Strange Alchemy of Life and Law"
    A lecture series by Justice Albie Sachs. View poster

    • January 6 - "Terrorism, Torture and the Rule of Law"
      Introduction by Susan Gzesh, Executive Director, Human Rights Program, Senior Lecturer in the College. View poster
      [watch & listen: mov & mp3]

    • January 13 - "Punitive Justice vs. Restorative Justice"
      Introduction by Christine Stansell, Stein-Freiler Distinguished Service Professor in United States History. View poster
      [watch & listen: mov & mp3]

    • January 18 - "Reflecting on the Anti-Apartheid Movement: South African & U.S. Perspectives"
      A Special MLK Day Event: A conversation with Justice Albie Sachs & Prexy Nesbitt. View poster
      [watch & listen: mov & mp3]

    • January 20 - "Social and Economic Rights as Fundamental Human Rights"
      Introduction by Adam Green, Associate Professor of American History. View poster
      [watch & listen: mov & mp3]

    • January 27 - "Does the Law Have a Sense of Humor?"
      Introduction by Jane Dailey, Associate Professor of American History. View poster
      [watch & listen: mov & mp3]

    • February 3 - "The Secular and the Sacred: The Right of Same Sex Couples to Marry"
      Introduction by Geoffrey Stone, Edward H. Levi Distinguished Service Professor, The Law School. View poster
      [watch & listen: mov & mp3]

  • January 22 - "Living With Land Mines"
    Exhibition opening with photographer V. Tony Hauser (co-sponsor: UChicago Arts Grant and Center for International Studies). View poster

  • February 18 - "The Moral Challenges of Asymmetrical War: The Case of Israel"
    Moshe Halbertal, Hebrew University and New York University School of Law
    (co-sponsors: The Chicago Center for Jewish Studies and Center for Middle Eastern Studies). View poster

  • February 22 - "Israel's Occupation through the Lens of the Education System"
    Neve Gordon, Ben-Gurion University. View poster

  • February 23 - "Are Human Rights Still Universal?"
    Wiktor Osiatynski, Central European University, Budapest. View poster

Spring 2010:

  • April 15 - "The New Reality of Mexico-US Migration"
    Douglas Massey, Princeton University and the Mexican Migration Project. View poster
    [watch: mov]

  • May 14-15 - Human Rights and the New Sciences Symposium. View poster
    Symposium Page

  • May 20 - "Latino Immigrants in the Windy City: New Trends in Civic Engagement". View poster

  • June 3 - Robert H. Kirschner, M.D., Memorial Human Rights Lecture - "Literature and Individual Sovereignty"
    Aleksandar Hemon. View poster 1, View program
    [watch & listen: mov & mp3]