2012-2013 Events

Autumn 2012

  • October 9 - "The Global Fight for LBGT Rights" - Boris Dittrich, Advocacy Director, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights Program, Human Rights Watch. Co-sponsors: UChicago Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality, Human Rights Watch [poster, recording]

  • October 26 - "We Overcame Torture" - Talk with Italia Méndez, Campaign Against Political Repression and Torture. Co-sponsors: UChicago Center for Latin American Studies and the Mexico-US Solidarity Network [poster, recording]

  • November 7 - "The Drug War and Human Rights in Mexico" - Sister Consuelo Morales, Director of Citizens in Support of Human Rights; Nik Steinberg, Researcher for Human Rights Watch. Co-sponsors: Katz Center for Mexican Studies, UChicago Center for Latin American Studies, Human Rights Watch [poster, recording]

  • November 12 - "HIV and Human Rights in Iran" - A discussion with Dr. Kamiar Alaei and Dr. Arash Alaei. Co-Sponsor: Amnesty International [poster, recording]

  • November 15 - "The Invisible War" - Film Screening. Co-sponsor: Resources for Sexual Violence Prevention [poster]

Winter 2013

  • January 10 - "The Island President" - Film screening and discussion with Professor Douglas MacAyeal, Geophysical Sciences. Co-sponsors: UChicago Center for International Studies, Program on the Global Environment [poster]

  • January 28 - "The Myth of the World's Largest Democracy: Oppression of Marginalized Communities in Northest India, Erenro Leichombam, Founder of the Manipur International Center. Co-sponsor: Committee on Southern Asia Studies [poster, recording]

  • February 5 - "Beyond the border buildup: U.S.-Mexico security and migration today" - Adam Isacson and Maureen Meyer, Washington Office on Latin America. Co-sponsors: Katz Center for Mexican Studies, UChicago Center for Latin American Studies [poster, recording]

  • February 13 - "The Black Revolution on Campus" - A discussion with author Martha Biondi, Associate Professor, African American Studies and History, Northwestern University. Co-sponsors: UChicago Human Rights Workshop, UChicago Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture, Reproduction of Race and Racial Ideologies Workshop, Black Law Student Association, Organization for Black Students [poster]

  • February 20 - "Sharing Our Stories: Exhale's National Pro-Voice Tour, Spring 2013" - University of Chicago Student Seminar. Co-sponsors: Resources for Sexual Violence Prevention (RSVP), UChicago Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality [poster]

  • March 7 - "The Question of Palestine: Examining the Viability of the One and Two-State Solitions" - Yousef Munayyer, Executive Director, The Jerusalem Fund; Ali Abunimah, Co-founder, Electronic Intifada; Mitchell Plitnick, Freelance Writer, former Director at Jewish Voice for Peace and former Director of B'Tselen US Office [poster]

  • March 12 - "HIV and Human Rights: Lessons from HIV and Drug Use in the US and from HIV and TB Co-infection in South Africa" - Gerald Friedland, MD, Professor of Infectious Dieseases & Epidemiology and Public Health, Yale University [poster, recording]

Spring 2013

  • April 9 - "Lessons from South Africa: Reflections on the 2005 Same Sex Marriage Decision from the Constitutional Court" - Justice Albie Sachs, Former Justice of the Constitutional Court of South Africa. Co-sponsors: student organizations Outlaw, the American Constitution Society, the Black Law Student Association, International Law Society [poster]

  • April 18 - "It's a Girl" - Film screening and discussion, led by Sital Kalantry [poster]

  • May 7, 13, 21 - "Key Issues in Human Rights" - Lecture Series by William F. Schultz, President and CEO of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, Richard & Ann Pozen Visiting Professor in Human Rights [poster]

    • May 7 - "Is Human Dignity Inherent? What Torture Has Taught Me" [recording]

    • May 13 - "A Conversation about Current Human Rights Challenges" [recording]

    • May 21 - "What Human Rights Activists Can Learn from Other Social Movements"

  • May 29 - "Privatization and Education: Human Rights Lessons from the Chicago Teachers' Campaigns" - Panel Discussion. Co-sponsors: Students Organizing United with Labor, University of Chicago Democrats [poster, recording]

  • June 6 - "What Has the Internatinoal Human Rights Movement Accomplished" - Aryeh Neier, Founder of Human Rights Watch. Co-sponsor: International House. [Robert H. Kirschner, M.S., Memorial Human Rights Lecture]