TA and Co-Teaching Opportunities

Teaching assistantships are available in the program’s core sequence, as well as other regular courses:

  1. Human Rights I: Philosophical Foundations of Human Rights
  2. Human Rights II: History and Theory of Human Rights
  3. Human Rights III: Contemporary Issues in Human Rights

Graduaute students interested in working as a TA should contact Susan Gzesh and Mark Bradley about specific opportunities.

Advanced graduate students and faculty can co-teach in the program’s core sequence or collaborate on the development of a new human rights course.  Co-teaching offers advanced graduate students the opportunity to refine and deepen their pedagogic skills as they begin to enter the job market. Graduate students who co-teach are considered one of the instructors of record and receive a stipend of $5,000. 

Graduate students and faculty interested in co-teaching should consult with the PFCHR’s Faculty Director, Mark Bradley.