Reading Martti Koskenniemi

By Tejas Parasher

History, Law, and Methodology

Forthcoming from Cambridge University Press (April 2017), The Law of International Lawyers: Reading Martti Koskenniemi . Edited by Wouter Werner (VU Amsterdam), Marieke de Hoon (VU Amsterdam), and Alexis Galán (Bocconi University):

For decades, Martti Koskenniemi has not just been an influential writer in international law; his work has caused a significant shift in the direction of the field. This book engages with some of the core questions that have animated Koskenniemi's scholarship so far. Its chapters attest to the breadth and depth of Koskenniemi's oeuvre and the different ways in which he has explored these questions. Koskenniemi's work is applied to a wide range of functional areas in international law and discussed in relation to an even broader range of theoretical perspectives, including history, political theory, sociology and international relations theory. These invaluable insights have been expertly brought together by the volume editors, who identify the key and common themes of many of the book's contributions. This volume demonstrates the importance of critical legal scholarship in the ways international law is enacted, shaped and reshaped over time.

Provides fresh perspectives on Martti Koskenniemi's body of work.

Includes contributions from leading scholars in the field.

Explores Koskenniemi's work in the context of international law as a whole.

Includes contributions from David Dyzenhaus (University of Toronto), Eric Posner (University of Chicago), Anne Orford (University of Melbourne), and Liliana Obregon (Harvard University and the University of Los Andes).