The body copy is set in Lora, a free, open-source serif typeface from Google Fonts. Lora is optimized for screen reading, yet works equally well in print. A contemporary serif text typeface, it is rooted in calligraphy with brushed curves counterposed with driving serifs. 

Headers are set in Neutra Face, a geometric sans-serif typeface designed by Christina Schwartz for House Industries. It was influenced by Richard Neutra’s design principles and was developed with the assistance of Neutra’s son and former partner, Dion Neutra. 

Design and Development

Neoteric Design designed and developed this site in 2016. Neoteric partners with universities, museums, and cultural institutions to craft engaging websites and applications. With their custom Neoteric CMS, Neoteric helps organizations publish to websites, content networks, ebooks, apps and more, all from a single source. 


Illustrator, InDesign, Atom, and Sublime Text 3 were used in the creation of this site. It runs on Ruby on Rails and its content is maintained using a custom CMS from Neoteric Design. It is authored using HTML5, and complies with web standards as set by the W3C.


We’d like to gratefully acknowledge the special effort from our 2015-16 student staff in making this website possible: Jeanne Lieberman, Jose Espinosa, Shae Omonijo, Shiro Wachira, and Emma Almon. Thank you also to Beth Rooney Photography for many of the stunning photos used throughout the site.