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The human rights minor is an interdisciplinary program that provides students with a foundation in the theoretical, historical, and comparative perspectives on human rights.

The flexibility of this course of study complements any major. A minor in human rights can provide a background for graduate study in many fields or for careers that incorporate human rights analysis or advocacy.

Program Requirements

The minor requires a total of five courses, including one introductory course and four approved Human Rights (HMRT) courses or cross-listed courses.

The introductory courses provide students with an overview of the major concepts and issues in human rights, while the elective courses allow students to explore their interests in specific areas of human rights, such as international law, political theory, or social justice.

For more information about the available introductory courses and approved HMRT courses and how to apply to be a Human Rights Minor go to the 2023 - 2024 UChicago Course Catalog.

How to Apply

Students must receive approval from Associate Instructional Professor Ben Laurence, using the Consent to Complete a Minor Program. Minor request forms should be emailed to Professor Laurence by the end of Spring Quarter of the student’s third year.

Learn More

For more information about the minor and how to apply, please contact Prof. Ben Laurence