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Picture of Chidi Nwaubami

Chidi Nwaubani, creator/founder of the artist collective LOOTY, will talk about their work using technology to spark conversations about cultural restitution. LOOTY has, for example, staged "digital repatriations" of works stolen from African countries and held in Western museums. As a recent New York Times story about LOOTY's "heist" of the Rosetta Stone put it: "The collective has challenged Western museums' control over treasures and the narrative about them and is using digital media to show that artifacts are not dead. They are continuing to be a living part of culture."


Nwaubani's talk is the final event of a day-long workshop on "Cultures of Restitution." (The above registration link is for the day-long workshop, but please use it even if you plan to attend just Nwaubani's talk.)

 Learn more about LOOTY's work from this documentary:


  • Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry
  • In partnership with Neubauer Collegium