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*if you're having trouble accessing the event via Zoom, you can view the event via Facebook. Follow this link.

The ongoing attempts to expel Palestinians from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah are not new, but they have brought fresh attention to the movement for Palestinian liberation worldwide and triggered mobilizations across Palestine unlike anything that has been seen in recent years. New and amplified mobilization across Palestine has created a variegated landscape of resistance connecting Palestinians on either side of the Green Line, in Gaza, and in exile, along with massive crowds of supporters and a surprising cast of liberal journalists and politicians.

Join us as we bring together panelists to discuss the latest developments and various mobilizations across Palestine.

Jehad Abusalim
Hadeel Badarni
Rabea Eghbariah
Lucy Garbett
Randa Wahbe

Moderated by Hadeel Assali

Presented in partnership with the Chicago Center for Contemporary Theory (3CT), the Global Studies Program, the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, and the Arab Studies Institute.