Resisting Anti-Immigrant Politics, Anti-Blackness, and the Threat to Citizenship: Lessons from the Dominican Republic and the US

School of Social Service Administration, 969 E 60th St Monday, Nov 5, 2018 6 – 8 pm More info

Join us for a discussion with Dominican lawyer and activist Rosa Iris Diendomi Álvarez, Chicago activists and students Trina Reynolds-Tyler and Mateo Uribe Rios, and SSA Professor Angela García about the growth of anti-immigrant and anti-black rhetoric and policies in the US and the Dominican Republic and the social movements led by affected communities in defense of their rights. The speakers will also discuss the parallels and shared lessons between the 2013 decision of the Dominican Republic’s Constitutional Tribunal revoking the citizenship of the Dominican-born children of Haitian immigrants and the emerging threats to citizenship for communities of color in the US.