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Presented in collaboration with the Feitler Center for Academic Inquiry at the Smart Museum of Art, the Smart Talk: What About Human Rights? series brings together experts exploring some of the knottiest human rights issues of our time. Each of these quarterly discussions is moderated by Pozen Center faculty and followed by a catered reception, where attendees can explore the Smart Museum galleries after hours.

According to Hannah Arendt, the ultimate test of human rights is whether a human being loses her rights when she crosses a border and leaves her home state. Controversies over the rights of refugees and migrants have come to dominate political discourse in elections around the world. What should a just society do to protect its own citizens and residents but also help the stranger in need? Can we imagine open borders? If we can’t, what criteria should we use to decide who gets in and who doesn’t? Join University of Chicago Law Professors Tom Ginsburg and Claudia Flores alongside activist Oscar Chacón as they discuss this highly emotional topic.

Tom Ginsburg (Leo Spitz Professor of International Law and Professor of Political Science, UChicago Law School)
Claudia Flores (Associate Clinical Professor of Law and Director of the International Human Rights Clinic, UChicago Law School)
Oscar Chacón (Co‐Founder and Executive Director, Alianza Americas)

9PM - 10PM: Discussion and dialogue
10PM - Midnight: Reception and time to explore Smart Museum galleries


Save the date for our final Smart Talk of the academic year:

Wednesday, May 13, 7:00-10:00 PM: "Our Changing Relationship with Animals and Our Responsibilities"
Frans B. M. de Waal (C. H. Candler Professor of Psychology, Emory University; Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of Utrecht)
Martha Nussbaum (Ernest Freund Distinguished Service Professor of Law and Ethics in the Law School and Philosophy Department; Associate in the Classics Department, the Divinity School, and the Political Science Department)