Graduate Teaching

We provide a number of teaching opportunities for graduate students interested in getting involved with the Pozen Center’s academic offerings.

Core Teaching Internships are available in the Human Rights in World Civilizations Core sequence for Autumn and Winter Quarters. View application details

Teaching Assistantships provide a great opportunity for graduate students to assist faculty in the teaching of both introductory and elective courses each year. Opportunities and application details will be updated here on a rolling basis.

Graduate Lectureships are awarded each year to advanced doctoral candidates in the Humanities and Social Science Divisions. The lectureships provide an opportunity to develop and teach an undergraduate Human Rights course of the lecturer’s own design. Graduate lecturers receive a stipend of either $5,000 or $6,000 (depending on their graduate student status). View application details.

Co-Teaching offers advanced graduate students the chance to collaborate with faculty on the development of a new Human Rights course, providing an opportunity for graduate students to refine and deepen their pedagogic skills as they enter the job market. Graduate students who co-teach are considered one of the instructors of record and receive a stipend of $5,000. Graduate students and faculty interested in co-teaching should consult with Pozen Center Faculty Director Mark Bradley.