Announcing 2017 Human Rights Interns

The Pozen Center is pleased to announce the 2017 Human Rights Interns. The 2017 cohort includes twenty-three students from the College, and seven graduate students from the School of Social Service Administration, Priztker School of Medicine, and the Departments of Political Science and Anthropology.

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2017 Intern Photo: Front row (L to R): Becky Smith, Stephanie Japczyk, Tamar Honig, Leonie Oostrom, Anya Martin, Leilani Douglas (Peer Leader). Second Row: Steph Ban, Katie Bart, Courtney Hanson, Madison Lo, Elizabeth Dia, Zoey Twyfod, Danielle Littman, Salma Elkhaoudi, Kenya Senecharles. Third row: Tara Peters (Pozen Center), Sarah Jung (Peer Leader), Golda Sinyavskaya (Peer Leader), Shae Omonijo, Susan Gzesh (Pozen Center), Daniel Ahn, Irena Ehlrich, Isabel Bolo, Alysia Mann Carey. Top row: Danna Elmasry (Peer Leader), Tatiana Khemet, Roni Lubofsky, Nolan Robinson, Julien Cossette, Eric Holmberg, Adam Reynolds, Kennedy Green, Sebastian Otero. Not pictured: Afreen Ahmed, Michelle Gan, Soreti Tosheme. 

2017 Human Rights Interns

Afreen Ahmed, College 2019, Economics and Comparative Human Development

Daniel Ahn, College 2018, Biological Sciences

Steph Ban, College 2018, History

Katie Bart, College 2018, Public Policy

Isabel Bolo, College 2018, Philosophy; Law, Letters and Society

Julien Cossette, PhD, Anthropology

Elizabeth Dia, College 2018, History

Irena Ehrlich, College 2018, History

Salma Elkhaoudi, College 2019, Economics and Political Science

Michelle Gan, College 2018, Public Policy

Kennedy Green, College 2018, New Collegiate Division & Social Sciences

Courtney Hanson, Schoool of Social Service Administration 2018

Eric Holmberg, College 2018, History

Tamar Honig, College 2018, Global Studies

Stephanie Japczyk, Schoool of Social Service Administration 2018

Tatiana Khemet, College 2018, Linguistics/Psychology

Danielle Littman, Schoool of Social Service Administration 2018

Madison Lo, College 2018, Political Science / EALC

Roni Lubofsky, College 2018, Global Studies

Alysia Mann Carey, PhD, Political Science

Anya Martin, College 2018, Global Studies

Shae Omonijo, College 2018, Political Science

Leonie Oostrom, Pritzker School of Medicine 

Sebastian Otero, College 2018, Anthropology

Adam Reynolds, College 2018, Social Sciences, Economics

Nolan Robinson, College 2018, Political Science

Kenya Senecharles, College 2018, English

Becky Smith, School of Social Service Administration 2018

Soreti Teshome, College 2018 Public Policy

Zoey Twyford, College 2018, Sociology