Congratulations to our 2017 student award winners

The Pozen Center is pleased to announce our 2017 student award recipients:

Ignacio Martín Baró Human Rights Essay Prizes

Recognizes excellence in writing related to human rights. 

College Student Category: 

Valerie Gutmann (Sociology)
Essay title: “Housing As A Human Right: The Gautreaux Cases and Housing Choice Vouchers in Chicago” 

Chelsea Rapoport (Psychology)
Essay title: “Infiltrators or Refugees? African Asylum Seekers in Israel and Their Clash with the Jewish State”

Doctoral Student Category: 

Emma Mackinnon (Political Science)
Essay title: “Universalizing the Promise of Empire: Human Rights “Hypocrisy” and France’s Defense of the War in Algeria” 

Pozen Research Grant for PhD Students

Supports pre-dissertation and dissertation research projects that make a significant contribution to the study and field of human rights.

Alejandra Azuero-Quijano (Anthropology)
Genevieve Bates (Political Science)
Zoe Berman (Comparative Human Development)
Molly Cunningham (Anthropology)
Chiara Fratto (Economics)
Caterina Fugazzola (Sociology)
Jenna Henderson (Anthropology)
Mishal Khan (Sociology)
Roy Kimmey (History)
Mili Leitner (Music)
Steven Schwartz (Anthropology)

Graduate Lectureship in Human Rights

Awarded to advanced doctoral students to teach one undergraduate Human Rights course of their own design during the 2017-18 academic year.

Yuna Blajer de la Garza (Political Science)
Course title: “A Right to Belong?” 

Nethanel Lipshitz (Philosophy)
Course title: “Cognitive Disability and Human Rights”

Alicia Riley (Sociology)
Course title: “Health in a Changing America: A Focus on Social Context and Human Rights” 

Gabriel Velez (Comparative Human Development)
Course title: “Memory, Reconciliation, and Healing: Transitional Justice as Human Rights” 

Pozen Human Rights Dissertation Completion Fellowship

One year-long fellowship awarded to a doctoral student in the Humanities or Social Sciences whose work makes an important contribution to human rights scholarship. 

Erika Tschinkel (History)
Dissertation title: “The Just Enemy in a Time of Terror and Conflict” 

Dr. Aizik Wolf Post-Baccalaureate Fellowship in Human Rights

One year-long fellowship awarded to a graduating College student to support work at an organization or agency dedicated to human rights.

Zachery Taylor (Geographical Studies and Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies)
Fellowship year at Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Chicago)