A Message from Faculty Director Mark Bradley

To the Pozen Center Community,
The killing of Mr. George Floyd, an African American man, by the Minneapolis police left me and I am sure all of you in a state of shock, sadness, and profound anger. These feelings only deepen as we learn about members of our community who are part of a massive wave of multi-racial, peaceful, and impassioned protests in Chicago and around the nation that have been met with violence and in some cases arrest. 

For more than twenty years the Pozen Center has been a site of human rights practice—a place that encourages students, faculty, staff, and community members to engage in Chicago and across the globe in efforts to address the human rights issues that speak most urgently to them. But like the university of which we are a part, the Pozen Center is far from perfect in its own practices around racial equity and inclusion. 

The Center will continue striving to be a place where all of our stakeholders can thrive and flourish. At the same time, we stand together with other members of the wider university community who believe that Mr. Floyd’s death may be the catalyzing event through which, individually and collectively, we can finally begin to overcome the structural and institutional racism that blights our society.

Despite the approaching end of this academic year and the limitations placed on us by COVID-19, know that the Pozen Center continues to be available to you as a resource. We wish you safety, health, and support as we all navigate this challenging time together.


Mark Bradley
Faculty Director, Pozen Family Center for Human Rights
Bernadotte E. Schmitt Distinguished Service Professor of History