Congratulations to our 2020 Pozen Center Award Winners!

In what has been an exceptionally trying year for students, it gives us great pleasure to announce the full list of 2020 Pozen Center award winners. We're deeply impressed by your work, excited for your futures, and proud to have you as part of the Pozen Center community!

Ignacio Martín-Baró Human Rights Essay Prizes
Recognizes excellence in writing related to human rights

Claire Cappaert, AB’21 (Public Policy, Russian and East European Studies)
Essay title: “Re-establishing Human Rights Regimes in Transitional Justice: The Case of Minority Rights in the Former Yugoslavia Post-1993”

Katerina Gan, AB’21 (Economics)
Essay title: “Protecting the Right to Privacy: Mass Surveillance in Xinjiang”

Cameron Kay, AB’21 (Political Science, Comparative Human Development)
Essay title: “The Space Between Us: The Invisible Costs of Social Distancing”

Dr. Aizik Wolf Post-Baccalaureate Fellow in Human Rights
Yearlong fellowship awarded to a graduating College student to support work at an organization dedicated to human rights

Michelle Yang, AB’20 (Anthropology, Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies)
Fellowship year at Chicago Torture Justice Memorials

Human Rights BA Fellows
Yearlong opportunity for rising fourth-year students whose BA theses examine issues relating to human rights

Track 1: working on a thesis topic relating to human rights
Gabby Birzh, AB’21 (Public Policy, Human Rights)
Kristen Busch, AB/AM’21 (AB Economics/AM International Relations)
Cinque Carson, AB’21 (Public Policy, specialization in Environmental and Urban Studies)
Dominique Janvier, AB’21 (Public Policy)
Cecilia Katzenstein, AB’21 (History, Philosophy, Social Studies of Science and Medicine, Human Rights)
Cameron Kay, AB’21 (Comparative Human Development, Political Science)
Helen Malley, AB’21 (History, Human Rights)
Samantha Plante, AB’21 (Global Studies, Media Arts, Design)

Track 2: working on a thesis topic that relates particularly to mass incarceration, policing, and the criminal legal system
Emilio Balderas, AB’21 (Anthropology, Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies)
Ruthie Dworin, AB’21 (Linguistics)
Lucia Geng, AB’21 (Political Science, Human Rights, Arabic)
Thomas Hagan, AB’21 (Fundamentals: Issues and Texts, Philosophy)
Lynn Horowitz, AB’21 (Sociology, Fundamentals)
Fatoumata Magassa, AB’21 (Public Policy, Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies)
Bere Martinez, AB’21 (Public Policy, Sociology)
Anvita Ramachandran, AB’21 (Economics, Statistics)
Denise Ruiz, AB’21 (Sociology, Global Studies, Human Rights)
Meera Santhanam, AB’21 (Political Science, Chemistry)

Human Rights Internship Cohort
Summer-long opportunity to explore human rights in practice around the world

Cora Alperin, AB’21 (Sociology)
Sara Bovat, AM’21 (SSA, Health Administration and Policy)
Sofia Cabrera, AB’21 (Law, Letters, and Society)
Vanessa Camacho, AM’21 (Social Work and Social Welfare, Clinical)
Lucia Geng, AB’21 (Political Science)
Lisette Gonzalez-Flores, AB’21 (Sociology)
Rebecca Grayzel-Ward, AB’21 (Public Policy)
Thomas Hagan, AB’21 (Philosophy, Fundamentals: Issues and Texts)
Zeinab Hussen, AB’21 (English, Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies)
Dominique Janvier, AB’21 (Public Policy)
Brian Johnson, AB’21 (English Language and Literature, Gender and Sexuality Studies)
Binta Ka, AM’21 (SSA)
Cecilia Katzenstein, AB’21 (History, Philosophy, Social Studies of Science and Medicine)
Ava Levin, AB’21 (Law, Letters, and Society)
Ollie Lytle, AB’21 (Psychology)
Maggie Macpherson, AB’22 (Global Studies)
Fatoumata Magassa, AB’21 (Public Policy)
Helen Malley, AB’21 (History)
Arya Muralidharan, AB’21 (Computational and Applied Mathematics)
Catherine O’Carroll, AB’21 (Public Policy)
Diego Quesada, AB’22 (Law, Letters, and Society; Sociology)
Olivia Reeves, AB’21 (English Language and Literature)
Denise Ruiz, AB’21 (Sociology, Global Studies)
Jaya Sahihi, AM’21 (SSA)
Charlotte Soehner, AB’21 (Fundamentals)
Jin Yoon, AB’21 (Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, Sociology)
Lily Zheng, AB’22 (Public Policy)

Graduate Lectureships in Human Rights
Awarded to advanced doctoral students to teach one undergraduate Human Rights course of their own design during the 2020-21 academic year

Kyla Bourne (Sociology)
Course title: “Constitutional Rights to Liberty and Procedural Due Process in Chicago”

Sandra Park (History) 
Course title: “Cold War, Religion, and Religious Freedom in East Asia”

Agatha Slupek (Political Science)
Course title: “‘A Kind of Wild Justice’: Vengeance, Justice, and the Law”

Pozen Dissertation Completion Fellow
Yearlong fellowship awarded to a doctoral student whose work makes an important contribution to human rights scholarship

Matthew Travis Barber (Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations)
Dissertation title: “Yazidis in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries: Political History, Society, and Law”

PhD Research Grant Awardees
Supports pre-dissertation and dissertation research projects that make a significant contribution to the study and field of human rights

Allison Reed (Sociology)
“Living Activism: Disability and Political Autonomy in American Social Justice Movements”

Alysia Mann Carey (Political Science)
“Intimacy in the Wake: Black Women, Violence, and the Transnational Struggle for Life in Brazil and Colombia”

Anjali Mohan (Political Science)
“The Unspeakable Crime: The International Community and Genocide Against the Rohingya”

Aylon Cohen (Political Science)
“Democracy’s Bodily Practices: Equality, Fraternity, and Sodomy in Eighteenth-century England”

Erika Prado (Comparative Human Development)
“Low-Income Latinx Families’ Challenges in Accessing Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) for Autism”

Heba Alex (Sociology)
“How Do Black Judges in Cook County Think about Racial Disparities in Sentencing?”

Lauren Sutherland (Anthropology)
“Homeland Security and the Right to Asylum in Yuma, Arizona”

Madeleine Stevens (Political Science)
“¿Dónde Están Los Desaparecidos? Armed Actors and ‘Invisible’ Violence”

Nory Peters (Comparative Literature)
“Archival Research Trip: Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Columbia University, New York”

Reyna Hernandez (Sociology)
“Wrongfully Convicted & in Lock-Up: Identity Negotiation and (Re)Construction in the Total Institution”

Serena Covkin (History)
“Armed for Citizenship: War and Women’s Rights in Twentieth-Century America”

Yael Flusser (Comparative Literature)
“Languages of Migration: Literature, Law, and Language Justice”

Pozen Doctoral Fellows
Yearlong writing and professionalization experience for a cohort of doctoral students whose research focuses on human rights

Matthew Travis Barber (Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations)
Leila Blackbird (History)
Margaret Brower (Political Science)
Esma Ozel (Sociology)
Johan Rocha (Comparative Human Development)
David Shuve-Wilson (Music)
Warren Paul Wilson (Philosophy)