Announcing the Human Rights Lab Justice Interns!

The Human Rights Lab is thrilled to announce our inaugural cohort of Human Rights Lab Justice Interns. The Human Rights Lab Justice Internships provide students with funding for full academic year internships with Chicago-based organizations that address the crisis of incarceration and criminalization. During Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters, interns work an average of 10-12 hours per week and participate in a series of discussions and workshops organized by the Human Rights Lab.

This year’s Justice Interns are:

Julian Gonzalez, AB’22 will be working with the Chicago Torture Justice Center. Through his coursework at the University and internships at non-profits like Injustice Watch, Julian has had the opportunity to see human rights issues from different perspectives. He’s very thankful to continue this with the Chicago Torture Justice Center. In addition to his classes and working at the CTJC, Julian is also a Co-President of the Organization of Latin American Students.

Tommy Hagan, AB’21 will be working with the Children and Family Justice Center. Tommy is a Fundamentals: Issues and Texts and Philosophy double major from New Jersey, and a former Human Rights Intern. As part of his senior thesis in Philosophy, he is examining the philosophical foundations of prison abolitionism. On campus, he serves as co-director of the Bridge Writing Workshop, which facilitates creative writing programs at Cook County Jail and IYC-St. Charles. He is also involved with the Final 5 Campaign—a coalition of activists, advocates, and system-impacted people working to close the five remaining youth prisons in Illinois.

Christina Howard, AB’22 will be working with Parole Illinois. Christina is majoring in Public Policy and Sociology and minoring in Human Rights. She is the co-director of the Bridge Writing Workshop, which facilitates creative and reflective writing workshops at Cook County Jail and IYC-St. Charles, and has been involved with ArtShould. 

Brian Johnson, AB’21 will be working with the Illinois Prison Project. Brian is a fourth-year English major in the College. He previously participated in the Pozen Center Human Rights Internship Program, has led educational programs on social justice for the Office of Civic Engagement, and organizes with the #CareNotCops campaign.

Fatoumata Magassa, AB’21 will be working with the Illinois Coalition for Higher Education in Prison. Fatoumata is majoring in Public Policy with a specialization in Criminal Policy, minoring in Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies, and a former Human Rights Intern. She previously served as the Content Manager for the Bridge Writing Workshop, which facilitates creative writing workshops at Cook County Jail and IYC-St. Charles. As a Pozen Human Rights BA Fellow, she will be examining unbuilt and decommissioned prisons for her senior thesis. 

Madeline Wright, AB’23 will be working with the Prison + Neighborhood Arts Project. Madeline is majoring in Neuroscience on the premed track and minoring in Critical Race and Ethnic Studies. She organizes with #CareNotCops and other Chicago-based organizations and has worked as a college counselor for the Ron Brown Guided Pathway Support Program for almost two years.