Welcoming our 2021-22 Postdoctoral Instructor and Scholar in Human Rights

The Pozen Center is pleased to announce two postdoctoral appointments for the 2021-22 academic year: Paul Kohlbry will join the Center as Postdoctoral Instructor in Human Rights and Hanna Ridge as Postdoctoral Scholar in Human Rights.

The Center’s postdoctoral program is designed to support junior scholars whose work in the Humanities or Social Sciences addresses questions of lasting importance for the study of human rights. 

Paul Kohlbry received his PhD in Anthropology from Johns Hopkins University in 2019. From 2019-2021, he was the Palestinian Studies Postdoctoral Research Associate at Brown University. His research draws on the anthropology of law, economy, and environment to explore the ways people repurpose the very forces that marginalize and destroy them to rebuild social worlds and insurgent political projects. At the University of Chicago, Paul will teach courses on property and human rights, and on the relationship between Indigenous politics, law, and capitalism. 

Hannah Ridge’s work examines when citizens want democracy for their country and when they are satisfied with the democracy that they have. She has examined public opinion in the Middle East/North Africa as well as Europe and North America through original and extant survey studies. Additional research features religion/secularism politics, especially the role citizens want religion to play in government and how citizens respond to state restrictions on religious freedom. Hannah earned a PhD in Political Science at Duke University and an MA in Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Chicago.

Learn more about Paul and Hannah on our Postdoctoral Instructor page