Human Rights Startup Fund

We’re excited to announce our new Human Rights Startup Fund, an opportunity for UChicago students to receive financial support for new and innovative human rights projects and events. 

Do you have a great idea for a human rights-focused event? Or are you working on an exciting human rights project? Apply for a Startup Fund grant to help make your idea a reality. 

Funding is available for events and projects of different sizes and students may apply for grants up to $1,000. Only current University of Chicago students are eligible to apply. Past events have included guest lectures and tabling in support of a human rights issue in the Reynolds Club. Past projects have included a book drive and letter-writing campaign. 

Apply now! Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Questions? Reach out to Ashley Pierce.

The Startup Fund is intended to help support human rights in practice. Research funding opportunities will be available through a different process later in the school year.