Read: "The Politics of Torture" by Kathleen Cavanaugh

Executive Director of Pozen Center, Kathleen Cavanaugh, has written a chapter of "Sharia Law in the Twenty-First Century".

Sharia Law in the Twenty-First Century consists of concise, detailed analytical studies on current critical discussions of Sharia in the Western and Muslim legal traditions. Contributors to this volume are well-known academics in their fields and have been at the forefront of critical studies on various aspects of Islamic law. Breaking new ground for understanding the dynamics of law and society, most contributors in this volume have influenced current academic discourse on Sharia.

The chapters contained within this volume find that globalism and Sharia have been posing challenges to one another. These respective challenges are studied from the perspectives of theory, history and the diverse contexts in which Sharia developed during the twenty-first century. The approach in this book is overall contextual with reference to time and place. For accessibility, unlike other books on Islamic law, Sharia Law in the Twenty-First Century has minimal footnotes and reduced diacritical marks, but offers an essential glossary in an appendix.