Human Rights Lab and Students

Students Reflect on the Institute on Memory and Human Rights

The Institute on Memory and Human Rights explores the role of memorials in reckoning with racial inequality and state violence, and how individual and collective memory shapes public narratives of past and present injustices. In September 2019, UChicago students, faculty, and members of Chicago Torture Justice Memorials traveled to Alabama to learn more about liberatory memory work and civil rights.

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Publications and Students

Never Again — Fulfilling a Promise By Anna Duke

The International Human Rights Law Clinic’s blog series The Matter of Human Rights continues with this third installment by third-year-law-student Anna Duke. In her piece “Never Again – Fulfilling a Promise,” Duke discusses the crime of genocide, established at the Genocide Convention in 1945, as an example of how the history of international law has manifested as a struggle between aspiration and political will. Duke references past instances of genocide and analyzes the language of the Convention to argue that public pressure can generate political will and overcome limitations of legal definitions.

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