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Kaushik Sunder Rajan


Kaushik Sunder Rajan is Professor of Anthropology and of Social Sciences in the College.

Professor Sunder Rajan’s work lies at the intersection of Medical Anthropology and Science and Technology Studies, with commitments to social theories of capitalism and postcolonial studies.

His first two books, Biocapital: The Constitution of Post-Genomic Life and Pharmocracy: Knowledge, Value, and Politics in Global Biomedicine, focused on the global political economy of the life sciences and biomedicine, with an empirical focus on the United States and India. Multisituated: Ethnography as Diasporic Praxis considers the promises and potentials of multi-sited ethnography in the light of current debates around the decolonization of Anthropology and of the university. 

His current research, titled Just Health?: Constitutionalism and Postcolonial Dis-ease, concerns the ways in which a politics of health in South Africa plays out through the law, consequent to the guarantee of a fundamental right to health in the South African Constitution.