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The Human Rights Summer Internship Program enables non-governmental organizations, government agencies, and international institutions to host a University of Chicago student for an 8- to 10-week summer internship at no cost to the host organization.

Our program attracts exceptional undergraduate and graduate students who combine intellectual excellence with a commitment to social impact. They further your mission in exchange for the opportunity to learn about human rights in practice.

Each year, we award individual students $5,000 in support of their summer internships.

  • The summer cohort of interns is selected each November.
  • During the winter, students inquire and apply directly to organizations and agencies for unpaid summer internship positions.
  • Upon acceptance of an internship offer, the student and host organization negotiate a learning plan that outlines the internship projects and responsibilities. This learning plan is reviewed by the Pozen Center before the student is issued their grant award. View a copy of the Learning Plan Agreement.
  • The Pozen Center supports students throughout the process. We maintain contact with the student intern and host organization to support the completion of the internship.

Please direct any internship openings and questions to Assistant Director Cliff Chan.