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The Pozen Center awards up to three lectureships per academic year to advanced UChicago doctoral students to teach an undergraduate Human Rights course of their own design. The proposed course should address human rights from a disciplinary, thematic, or regional perspective.
Graduate lecturers generally receive an award of $2,000. This amount may be higher depending on your Division. Lecturers can hold office hours and use office space at the Pozen Center.


  • Applicants must be UChicago PhD students.
  • Doctoral students under the new funding model must check with their department to ensure they are eligible to apply. By university policy, doctoral students currently in years 7 – 12 can no longer hold lectureships and are not eligible for this opportunity.

How to Apply

  • Application deadline extended to March 25, 2024, at 11:59 pm (CST)
  • Submit your applications online.
  • Applications must include the webform, CV, course outline or syllabus (including title, description, student learning goals, assignments, and reading list), and one letter of recommendation. Incomplete applications are not considered. 
  • Recommendation Letters: Each applicant is required to obtain a recommendation letter from a faculty member who is familiar with your scholarly work or your experience as a teaching assistant or instructor. Submit your recommendation online.
  • See the Course Design Tools provided by the Center for Teaching and Learning for help with course construction and developing student learning goals.

Learn More

For more information, please contact Deputy Director, Adam Avrushin

Graduate Lectureship Recipients


  • Kate Petroff (Philosophy)
    Course title: “Are We Forced to Work: Force, Work, and Human Rights”
  • Natalie Farrell (Music)
    Course title: “Music as Trauma and Recovery Post-1900”
  • Syrus Jin (History)
    Course title: “American Wars and the 20th Century World (1900-1990)”


  • Austin Clyde (Computer Science)
    Course Title: "Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, and Human Rights"
  • Sasha Crawford-Holland (Cinema and Media Studies)
    Course Title: "Documenting State Violence from the Holocaust to Black Lives Matter"