Past events are organized by academic year. If an event was organized as part of a faculty project, you can find a more complete description on our Projects page. 



Migration In Chicago

Thursday, Jan 1 – Feb 11, 2015 12 – 12 pm Classics 110, 1010 E 59th St View Poster

"Migration in Chicago": a three part series. This practitioner series was an opportunity for students to meet Chicago area practitioners and advocates to discuss US immigration policy from both theoretical and practical perspectives. Students can also get tips about career paths in policy analysis and advocacy. It was organized with UChicago student organizations UChicago Amnesty International, International Policy Program at the Institute of Politics, and thePartnership for the Advancement of Refugee Rights (PARR). [View Poster] January 13, 2015: Part I - History January 28, 2015: Part II - Advocacy Strategies February 11, 2015: Part III - Action!

"Armed Non-State Actors and Human Rights in Latin America: The Challenges of an Emerging Pattern of Abuse"

Wednesday, Jan 21, 2015 5 – 7 pm

Human Rights in Mexico: A Conversation with Alejandra Ancheita

Wednesday, Feb 25, 2015 5 – 7 pm

"Did the Torture Report Give the CIA a Bum Rap? Accountability and the Future of Interrogation" with Georgetown University Law Professor David Cole

Monday, Apr 6, 2015 6 – 8 pm

Does Human Rights Have a History? Conference Honoring Michael Geyer

Friday, Apr 10 – 11, 2015 9 am – 5 pm Regenstein Library, 1100 E 57th St More info here.

This conference drew together leading historians of human rights working across time and space to address these urgent questions. In doing so it honored the contributions of Michael Geyer, Samuel N. Harper Professor of German and European History and the College and a founder of the Human Rights Program at the University of Chicago, to the field of human rights history and to the development of interdisciplinary studies of human rights thought and practice at the University of Chicago.

"Fighting Corruption Inside Putin’s Russia" with Bill Browder (AB ’85)

Monday, Apr 20, 2015 5 – 7 pm

Monica McWilliams Human Rights Lecture Series

Wednesday, May 13 – 20, 2015 12 – 6 pm

A two-part Human Rights Lecture Series including reflections on lessons learned in Northern Ireland and around the world. Monica McWilliams was the Spring Pozen Viting Professor of Human Rights. McWilliams is a Professor of Women's Studies and has worked around the world on conflict resolution and peace negotiations. While at UChicago in Spring 2015, she taught "Gender, Crime, and Human Rights." Wednesday, May 13, 2015: "Peace Negotiations: What Works and What Doesn't; Lessons from Northern Ireland" Wednesday, May 20, 2015: "The Role of Women in Conflict Resolution Lessons from Northern Ireland and Elsewhere"

Human Rights and Human Dignity: A Workshop

Friday, May 29, 2015 9 am – 5 pm Foster Hall, Room 103, 1130 E 59th St View Poster

Human beings are said to have a dignity that grounds their human rights. But what is this 'dignity,' and what rights might it ground, if any at all? This one day philosophical workshop explored an array of questions about the nature of the relationship between human dignity and human rights.

Info Session: Summer 2016 Human Rights Internship

Tuesday, Oct 13, 2015 2 – 4 pm

The Human Rights Internship Program is unique in its flexibility, awarding $5,000 grants to allow each intern the freedom to explore their interests during a ten-week internship, whether thematic or regional in focus.

Conference: Human Trafficking, Labor Migration & Migration Control in Comparative Historical Perspective

Friday, Oct 16 – 17, 2015 12 – 3 pm More info here.

We brought together historians working in diverse geographic fields with activists and policymakers who are interested in the relationships between trafficking and migration, slavery and abolition, and border control and political power across time and space.

BDS and the Ethical Obligation to End Complicity in Oppression

Thursday, Oct 29, 2015 6 – 8 pm International House Assembly Hall, 1414 E 59th St

A talk by Omar Barghouti, co-founder of the international movement for the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) of Israel, in which he will discuss the intellectual, legal, and moral reasons for supporting the boycott as a means of non-violent resistance.

Global Access to New Medicines for Hepatitis-C: A Panel Discussion

Tuesday, Nov 10, 2015 2 – 4 pm

This panel brings together scholars as well as representatives from the public health sector and private pharmaceutical sector to discuss the challenges of increasing global accessibility of hepatitis C treatment.

Teach-in: What the syrian refugee crisis can teach us about the European Union and Global Responsibilities

Monday, Nov 16, 2015 6 – 8 pm

At this teach-in, UChicago and UCLA faculty will discuss - in a dialogue with students - what the highly-publicized fights over refugee quotas between the EU Institutions and its Member States signal about Europe’s sense of its ethico-legal obligations towards contemporary refugees and towards asylum protection itself.

Blood and Earth: Modern Slavery, Ecocide, and the Secret to Saving the World: A lunchtime talk with Kevin Bales

Tuesday, Nov 17, 2015 12 – 2 pm Pozen Center, 5720 S Woodlawn Ave

Kevin Bales is the Pozen Visiting Professor in Human Rights and Professor of Contemporary Slavery at the Wilberforce Institute for the Study of Slavery and Emancipation, University of Hull UK, co-founder of the antislavery organization Free the Slaves, and lead author of the Global Slavery Index.