Human Rights Graduate Workshop Series

As part of the Crisis of Humanitarianism initiative, this year’s Human Rights Graduate Workshop Series will take on the issue of humanitarianism and its relation to human rights.  The workshop sessions will include common readings, graduate student presentations, and guest presenters on the theme of humanitarianism. 

We welcome ongoing suggestions for papers, texts, and visitors and will accommodate requests as the schedule allows.  See the current schedule for the full list of speakers and topics.  

Regular Workshop Time and Location

Wednesdays (even weeks of the quarter): 5:00–6:30pm                John Hope Franklin Room, Social Science Room 224                       1126 E. 59thStreet, Chicago, IL 60637 [map]

For questions or to request papers, please contact:

Dongyoung Kim
PhD Student, Department of Anthropology
Human Rights Workshop Coordinator