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Call for Applications: Pozen Human Rights Doctoral Fellowship Program, 2022-2023

Doctoral students whose research intersects with human rights themes are invited to apply for this competitive yearlong fellowship opportunity. Fellows will meet throughout the academic year, typically twice per quarter, with members of the Pozen Center faculty. At the end of the academic year, Fellows will have made tangible progress on a piece of work and present it in the Doctoral Seminar.

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Research and Students

Graduate Student Research Reflection: Emma Mackinnon

Emma Stone Mackinnon is a PhD Candidate in Political Science at the University of Chicago. Her dissertation, “Imperial Promises: The Contested Politics of Human Rights in the Midcentury,” is supervised by Jennifer Pitts, Mark Bradley, Robert Gooding-Williams, Patchen Markell, and Lisa Wedeen. Her work is forthcoming in "Humanity" and the "Blackwell Companion to Arthur Danto." She is also co-coordinator of the Human Rights Workshop.

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Human Rights, Interdisciplinary Scholars, and a New Blog

Scholars who engage the topic of human rights find themselves confronted with a massive and multi-disciplinary literature.  The subject of human rights can bring out the best of inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary scholarship: exciting conversations develop among people working in diverse fields. But "human rights" scholarship can also illustrate all the pitfalls and challenges of a truly multi-disciplinary field. Sometimes debating scholars talk past each other rather than to each other, their misunderstandings exacerbated by different methodological approaches. Sometimes a writer in one discipline dismisses the concerns of another due to disciplinary tunnel vision. And sometimes scholars working in one area miss the relevant conversations going on in some other corner of the academy because there's just too much to read and keep up with.

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