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Syrus Jin

Graduate Lecturer

Syrus Jin is a Pozen Center Graduate Lecturer and PhD candidate in the History Department at the University of Chicago. His dissertation project, entitled "To Make an Army: Militarized Modernity, Advisors, and the Global U.S. Security Architecture," investigates U.S. military assistance programs as causal nodes in postwar conceptions of modernity, race, global security, and democracy in East Asia. His research and teaching interests include U.S. global power, U.S.-East Asian relations, and the intersection of race, culture, sovereignty, and the lived experience of war. He is a National Fellow for the Jefferson Scholars Foundation, 2023-2025. He also engages in public writing, and has authored numerous op-ed and opinion articles, including for Foreign Policy magazine, Made by History in the Washington Post, and the U.S. Institute for Peace.

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